My Favourite Chair

This is me and my daughter (now 11!) in my favourite chair. We bought the chair by Andrew Martin from House of Fraser nearly 20 years ago and as you can just about see it was covered in one of their gorgeous Navajo fabrics. This chair had a remarkable effect on my daughter - whenever we sat on it together she would study the colours and patterns and then have a fit of the giggles.

Unfortunately time and a very sunny living room put paid to that fabric but structurally the chair was still in great condition and I would never part with it so I reupholstered it with this Chiang Mai design by Schumacher & Co. Even though it doesn't induce giggles anymore it still makes me happy - particularly now it's been refreshed with such a stunning new fabric - and it remains my favourite chair. I remember hesitating before we bought it because it was such a lot of money at the time but just goes to show that if you invest in good pieces they will last and can always be updated to suit changing trends.

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